Support Dogs for Veterans and First Responders

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.  If we haven't answered one of your's please feel free to contact us!

  1. What are the requirements for a veteran to apply for our service dog program?

The veteran must submit an application, provide a copy of their DD214. and be under the care of their therapist, or doctor.

 2.  How much do you charge for a service dog?

Our goal is to provide every veteran with a service dog at no cost.  A service dog costs us anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000 to train, so we welcome any donations to help offset this cost.

 3.  How long is the current wait period for a service dog?

 We are currently at a one year wait list.

4.  Is every veteran approved for a service dog?  

 No.  Although we would like to assist everyone, we take our application process very seriously, and take in many factors before approving or declining a veteran.  Also too we have to consider our dog's safety and success as well.  
5.  Can a veteran choose their own dog?

Through the application and interview process we take in all consideration of the vet's preferences towards a dog, but our experts will do the final selection process to determine the best match possible.

6.  Does the veteran have to live in the St.Louis area?

No.  But we do recommend against applying if visiting our location often for follow up training will be too burdensome.  We prefer to be close to our veterans so we can always be there to help them with any training needs down the road.  We do not travel to our vets, so please always take this into consideration.

7.  Can a veteran train their own service dog?

No.  However we are working on a program for veterans to train their own support dog for use at home, and out in dog friendly venues.  (Not a vested service dog)

8.  What happens to dogs who don't make the program?

We either fill other needs in our program that they are better suited for, or for a donation we adopt them out into the community. 

9. Do you offer service dogs for anyone outside of the military.

Yes.  Our dogs are also available for former Police Officers, Firefighters, and other first Responders.  In some limited cases we also accept immediate family members of veterans.