Support Dogs for Veterans and First Responders

To serve those that have served us.

Gateway K9 works hand in hand with veterans to provide them with highly trained service dogs for many different medical needs including PTSD, combat related mobility issues, sexual trauma, and combat related brain trauma.  Our goal is to provide life long support giving our veterans the life and freedom they deserve, at no cost to them.

Our program does not stop there,  Gateway also works with our veterans to train therapy and support dogs, to not only provide comfort for those in need, but as a resource for our veterans to touch others as well throughout our community.   With plans to soon add in vocational training for veterans and first responders, and many more community programs.

Gateway K9 is a registered 501 (c) 3 charity, and runs off of donations and by the generosity of our volunteers.   

Volunteer and Donation Based

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To heal, Encourage, and support.

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