Support Dogs for Veterans and First Responders

22 Veterans take their lives every day from PTSD and combat related injuries, including sexual trauma, and traumatic brain injuries.  22, too many, every day.  Studies have shown that the use of specially trained service dogs can lower that risk, and help promote healing, and bring our soldiers and first responders back into society, back to their friends and family, back to being themselves.  

Our Service dogs are trained to do just that.  Skillfully trained our service dogs will alert to building anxiety, nightmare interruptions, turn off and on lights, open doors, retrieve dropped objects, and so much more.

Each dog is trained in our facility for at least a year, to build a solid foundation for their veteran or first responder.  They're socialized to as many situations as possible, preparing them to assist in everyday life, no matter what may arise.  And after they're paired for their soldier, we fine tune their skills to fit that individual before they go home.

The total cost of training, health care, feeding and housing, transportation and more for each dog totals past $20,000 by the time he or she is placed.  This is a cost we believe no veteran or first responder should have to meet, and a cost we know most cannot afford.  That's why at Gateway K9 each dog we place is of no cost to their veteran or first responder.  These cost are covered by donations from our supporters, and by our volunteers.

After dogs are placed with their veteran, the veteran is responsible for any on going costs, such as food, grooming, health care, supplies, and so forth.  Training refreshers are always at no cost.  

Requirements for applying for a service dog include being a United States Veteran, or First Responder (we do ask for proof of current service or discharge).  A medical note from a licensed professional is also required stating your need for a service dog.  If you meet these requirements
please contact us to request an application.   We are currently at a year's wait to receive your dog from the time we accept your application.  There is a required one week training session at our location to receive training for your service dog, travel expenses are not currently covered by Gateway K9.

Service Dogs for Veterans